Right now is the time to trade in a car, as values are at an all-time high to an increase in demand and decrease in supply. If you're considering trading or selling your car near Lake Mary, the first step is to use our used car trade-in value calculator to find out what the trade-in value of your car is. Once you've received an estimated appraisal, take a moment to learn about the next steps of the process below. Then, fill out a pre-approval and contact Subaru North Orlando for an appraisal and inspection in Sanford, FL! 

Finding Out the Trade-in Value of Your Car 

  • Gather Estimates: To trade in your car near Deltona, you'll want to first gather a few estimates of the trade in value of your car. You can start with our used car trade-in value calculator, but it also helps to pull a quote from Edmunds.com or KBB.com. These estimates can give you leverage at the negotiating table. 
  • Clean Your Car: While you don't need to perform major repairs or top off the oil, a simple way to optimize your trade-in value is to give your vehicle a deep clean prior to the inspection, whether that's just scrubbing off grime or detailing the upholstery. 
  • Have it Inspected: The next step to take to trade in your car near Orlando is to call our sales associates at %%phone_sales%%. They can arrange for an official inspection and appraisal of your vehicle. Once our sales managers have given you an offer, it's time for negotiations: 
  • Negotiations: Our sales managers will give you an offer, which you can accept or decline. Once you've reached an agreement, you can choose to accept the trade-in value of your car in credit or cash! 

Have Questions About How to Trade in Your Car Near Orlando? 

Whether you've run into issues with using our used car trade-in value calculator, or you're ready to take the next step to sell or trade in a car at Subaru North Orlando, contact our Sanford, FL dealership to begin the process! Have other questions about auto finance topics? Don't forget to explore our finance and insurance tips for more info about a variety of topics, including overviews of our Trade-up Advantage® program and Guaranteed Trade-in program!