Are you looking for Subaru mechanic jobs in greater Orlando? Then, you're in luck. Subaru North Orlando is looking to hire certified Subaru mechanics at our Sanford, FL dealership. Are you searching for a service bay where you have regular opportunities to deepen your skill set, while maintaining a healthy life/work balance, and enjoying a thriving company culture? We've posted a number of Subaru technician jobs that are perfect for you. Take a moment to learn about who we are, and what sets our service department apart from other garages in Lake Mary or Deltona. 

Why Work With Subaru North Orlando? 

If you're considering the Subaru mechanic jobs we've posted, you'll be tasked with working on models from a wide variety of vehicles from different makes. That said, you'll primarily be working on Subaru models. In general, the Subaru brand features an unusual amount of signature features and technologies, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to stretch your skills. You'll also have opportunities to work on commercial fleets! 

What's more, our dealership is a subsidiary of the Myers Auto Group, a vast dealership network representing brands as diverse as Subaru, McLaren, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, and beyond. Needless to say, we're well-connected and there are plenty of opportunities for professional development. 

Who Are We? 

While Subaru North Orlando began in 2007, its story starts 50 years earlier in Tampa. A skilled service technician, Peter Mastro Sr., opened up a service bay for vehicles of all makes and models, with a specialty in air-cooled Volkswagen models. Then, during the oil crisis in the late 70s, fuel-efficient Japanese imports became wildly popular. Subaru reach out to Peter, who then opened the first Subaru dealership in Florida. After decades of success in the Tampa metroplex, we opened Mastro Subaru, which was renamed Subaru North Orlando. In 2020, we were acquired by one of the largest luxury and supercar dealership groups in the state, Myers Auto Group, but we maintain the same family-run, small-business atmosphere we've always had! 

Have Questions About Our Subaru Technician Job Postings? 

Are you interested in applying for one of our Subaru technician jobs? You can call our service center in Sanford, FL at 321-209-9263 to learn more! And take a moment to meet the rest of our staff

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