Whether you're moving to Deltona soon, or you've just arrived in Orlando, if you're a new Florida resident attempting to figure out the Florida vehicle registration requirements, take a moment to read our handy guide. We'll cover: 

  • How to get a Florida driver's license 
  • How to transfer your driver's license 
  • How to complete other steps of the Florida vehicle registration process 
  • What Florida car registration fees to expect 

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Florida Vehicle Registration Process 

Florida state law has it that new Florida residents must register their vehicle within 10 days of establishing residency or putting their child in a Florida school. To register your car, you will need to perform a few steps, including: 

  • Collect your vehicle title, proof of Florida auto insurance, and proof of identity (a birth certificate or a passport). 
  • Once you've gotten your documents together, print off and fill out this Application of Certificate of Title With/Without Registration
  • Once completed, bring the application and other documents with you to the nearest DMV in your county, and give them to the staff, along with a Florida car registration fee of $225. 
  • In exchange for your fee, you'll receive a license plate, so you'll want to bring a flathead screwdriver with you as well, so you can swap out your old license plate for a new one.
  • You'll also receive a registration certificate, as well as a registration sticker. Place the certificate in your glove box, and your sticker in the top-right corner of your license plate. 

How to Get a Florida Driver's License 

To receive a new Florida driver's license or transfer your out-of-state driver's license, you'll need to head to your DMV with two proofs of residency and identity, as well as your old license. Once you've arrived at the DMV, you'll need to give them your license and pass a vision test. Once you've done so, you'll receive a temporary Florida license, and the official driver's license will be mailed to your new home shortly. 

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